Network Partners

Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership

The overall aim of CWLEP is to drive forward growth in the area, remove barriers to growth and to create more high value jobs.  The skills strategy seeks to support this by developing a workforce with the right skills to meet employers' needs.  Our vision is one where:

  • Employers have confidence in the quality and relevance of local education and training provision and understand where to go to access support and funding.
  • Employers and education providers develop close and effective working relationships jointly developing programmes at all levels to reflect the practical needs of businesses as well as the skills and knowledge for personal achievement.
  • All young people leaving school, college or university have not only the technical skills needed for sustainable employment but the ability to be enterprising and innovative, capable of showing initiative and resilience and having high ambitions.
  • More young people choose to develop higher skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and to apply them in high value added technical occupations in the area.
  • All employees have the opportunity to improve and extend their skills throughout their working life and to deploy them to help drive productivity and growth.
  • Those who are unemployed are supported to retrain and acquite the skills needed for long term, satisfying and productive employment.
  • Individuals and employers are clear about the benefits of training and invest more in developing skills alongside publicly funded provision.