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  • Code Club Volunteer led after school coding clubs for ages 9-11
  • Our Dynamic Sun The Centre for Fusion, Space, and Astrophysics offers outreach activities centred around the wonders of our own Sun. We offer you the opportunity to view dynamic features of our Sun, such as sunspots and prominences, through our set of dedicated solar telescopes. You can try and create your own sunspot and find out just how big sunspots are, or you could learn about the dangers of the Sun's UV light while making your own UV bead wristbands. Members of our team are happy to talk to you about their research. For example, you could learn about flares and other explosives observed on the sun and find out the impact they have here on Earth. We are happy to run activities based here at Warwick and visit local schools and will coordinate with you to suit your specific needs.
  • Classic and Ancient History Outreach The Classics Department at Warwick is one of the best in the UK. Their international reputation rests on the innovative and intensive teaching, and on research which continues to open up new aspects of Greco-Roman antiquity and its importance in later history. The following staff members and post-graduates are willing to give talks to schools. Please contact them directly to arrange a convenient time: Dr Alison Cooley - a.cooley@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Roman Italy; Pompeii; Augustus; Roman inscriptions Prof Andrew Laird - clsal@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Latin Literature, Romans, Aztecs Dr Zahra Newby - zahra.newby@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Ancient athletics, Art in Roman world, Myth and Art, Death and Commemoration in the Roman world, Roman housing Dr Michael Scott - m.c.scott@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Ancient Greek history, archaeology, religion, Classics and TV. Dr Emmanuela Bakola - e.bakola@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Ancient Greek Drama Dr Ersin Hussein e.hussein@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Roman culture and history of Cyprus Mr Clive Letchford C.A.Letchford@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Learning Latin and Greek Ms. Vicky Jewell v.jewell@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Roman art and archaeology; colour in Greek and Roman worlds Ms Kathryn Thompson k.e.thompson@warwick.ac.uk Topics: Reception of the Classical World
  • Computer Science Outreach The University of Warwick's Computer Science department have a variety of ongoing programmes designed to engage with the wider community, many of which have a particular emphasis on working with schools. The aim of our programmes is to raise aspirations for higher education and to help pupils develop a better understanding of Computer Science. Find out more about our Computer Science schools outreach work here
  • Life Sciences Outreach Outreach activities in Life Sciences are fun and designed to be accessible for all. We offer schools and colleges a range of opportunities, from practical hands-on lab sessions to lectures, to inspire students to explore the world of bioscience. We work with Foundation Stage (Reception Year) up to Sixth Form students and also offer Professional Development sessions for teachers via Warwick CPE.
  • Film and TV studies Outreach The University of Warwick's Film & Television Studies department runs various sessions for schools and colleges, based on the expertise of staff within the department and in collaboration with teachers. Our work concentrates on introducing students to the academic study of film and television, and in enhancing the understanding of those already studying the subject at advanced level by bringing them into contact with academics doing cutting-edge research in the field. N.B. These are not sessions in practical filmmaking. You can find out more about some of the sessions we offer here, however we are always interested in working with teachers to put together a bespoke event for their students. If you have something particular in mind please do get in touch with us using our online booking form.
  • Law Outreach At Warwick Law School we aim for our student population to truly reflect and represent contemporary society. We believe that in so doing, we encourage the very best talent to succeed. We look at ways in which we can assist people from all walks of life to become Law students at Warwick. As a result, Warwick Law School has an active outreach programme for schools and colleges. Coordinated by our enthusiastic Widening Participation Officer, Dr. Anil Awesti, our academic staff, researchers and PhD students put on events and activities with young people both on campus and in schools. We invite groups of school students to our Department for Taster Days in order to introduce the study of Law at university and give a taste of campus life, seminars and lectures. The purpose of the day is to provide a taster of what university life is like and specifically to allow students to experience what it is like to study Law at Warwick. We also visit schools and colleges to provide lectures, seminars and workshops about some of the research going on in the Department or to teach the fundamentals of the subject.
  • ChemSoc Outreach (Undergraduate Chemistry Society) Run by students and designed to inspire young people in the sciences, Outreach is the volunteering branch of ChemSoc. We believe that through demonstrations, conferences and hands-on workshops; young people and students will see the benefits of studying and getting involved in science. We have four schools-based programmes running this year; working with future scientists from local primary schools, secondary schools and sixth forms. Check out the webpages for further information.

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